Life Purpose

About Us

H.V.Hendrick is a 51year young mother of 6 with 2 grandchildren and lives in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. She began her journey to discover her life purpose at the age of 48.  Her purpose statement is...

   To help as many people as possible in my lifetime to find their life purpose, in the context of love, through education and to show them how to not only enhance their own lives but the lives of others.


J.K.Feltner is a 54 year young mother of 3 with 3grandchildren and 1great grandchild who also lives in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  She is a successful entrepeneur who has spent her life not only raising children but taking in children  who  otherwise would be lost. 

Together, Holly and Janet have found their purpose and are sharing their journies with others and helping all that they meet who are searching for their purpose.


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