Life Purpose

You're 50, Not Finished!!

Just because your pushing 50 or even over 50, your life is not over.

Opportunities don't pass you by based on your age. Your health doesn't have to

go down hill, your dreams don't have to cease to exist, your life at this age can and

should be the best. Better, actually, than it has ever been. Stop and think about

this; you've spent the last 50 years learning, making mistakes, hopefully learning

from those mistakes, meeting all kinds of people, worked several different jobs,

had some personal relationships, friends, acquaintances, maybe played in some

sort of sports, or perhaps even was musically inclined. Even if you haven't swung

a baseball bat, played a tune, went out on a date, or anything that you used to do

or were interested in, you can still live! What I'm trying to say is this, life doesn't

                    end at 50, its the chance to relive or live again only this time, go for


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Is That Really Me?

   just a little snippit from my newest book co-authored with J.K.Feltner


Is That Really Me?

by H.V.Hendrick and J.K.Feltner

The alarm goes off at 5 am., you roll out of bed, sleepily pour a cup of coffee, maybe even light up a cigarette, sit at the table and speculate on the day ahead of you. The bathroom is the beginning of your morning routine. That's when it step out of the shower and into the full length mirror. A loud shriek is heard throughout the neighborhood. There...staring back at you in the mirror is a pudgy, sagging, wrinkled woman looking you square in the face. You run out of the bathroom and down the hall yelling for your husband. He rushes out of the bedroom (expecting to see a bloody gory sight) to find you bare naked, out of breath and apparently frantic. You step back in front of the mirror and desperately ask him “Is that really me?”